How is emotional distress damage measured?

Each claim depends on its own merits and unique circumstances. The value of a lawsuit for emotional distress is not calculated by adding up a series of numbers, as is the case with economic damages. Rather, compensation for emotional distress is related to how the injury affected your personal and work life. Damages for pain and suffering, which compensate you for the changes in your life caused by your accident, can represent an important part of a settlement or compensation for damages.

Attorneys can help you evaluate the pain and suffering damages you could claim. However, the strategies used to calculate these damages may vary. Below, you'll find information about the ways in which damages for pain and suffering are calculated and how you can help support your claim for non-economic damages. Second, unless a car accident involves some specific circumstances, the injured person cannot claim compensation for pain, suffering, mental distress, or inconvenience.

The value of pain and suffering can be difficult to pinpoint because they are not linked to any bill. These factors can be referred to regardless of the technique for calculating damages for pain and suffering. In accordance with this method, a daily value is assigned to pain and suffering using factors such as those described above. This daily value is multiplied by the number of days the injured person experienced pain and suffering to arrive at the total amount of non-economic damages.

Each of these methods has its strengths. The multiplier method is good for capturing future damage, but it relies heavily on economic damage. If the value of economic damages is small, the multiplier method will produce a small value for non-economic damages, regardless of the actual pain and suffering experienced. Florida law regarding damages for pain and suffering requires two steps to comply with non-economic damages.

With evidence that proves these non-economic injuries, you can establish your claim for pain and suffering. Working with experienced personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve for your emotional trauma. However, the only way to compensate for an injury is to hold the party who caused the injury financially liable for damages. Whether the damage is a physical injury or another type of injury, such as the intentional infliction of emotional distress, there must be actual harm associated with the events in order for the victim to file a claim.

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