Is a broken arm a catastrophic injury?

As mentioned above, there is no specific definition of “catastrophic injury”. Rather, any injury that has significant and lasting effects that impair the victim's ability to live their “normal” life prior to the injury is considered catastrophic. To that end, most broken bones are not catastrophic. When people are injured in accidents, they generally don't suffer what is considered a “catastrophic injury.”.

Although an injury can be serious, as in, there are broken bones involved, the likelihood of surgery is high, etc. catastrophic injuries are much worse. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident that left you with a catastrophic injury, talk to a Riverside catastrophic injury lawyer right away. You Should Review Your Case and Speak to an Expert Catastrophic Injury Attorney.

The loss of evidence and the strict deadlines for action require immediate action and inquiry on your part. Bone fractures and breaks can be extremely painful. The pain will depend on the size of the fracture, its location, and each person's pain threshold. Broken bones can also prevent the use of a limb or body part for weeks or months as the bone heals, which can be incredibly frustrating.

For example, a broken arm that is expected to heal completely can be a serious injury. A crushed radius and ulna accompanied by significant nerve damage and soft tissue injury that will leave you with disabling movement and reduced sensation in your forearm and hand can be a catastrophic injury. A broken arm is also a common injury reported after a serious car accident. However, most broken arms are not considered a catastrophic injury because the consequences of that injury are not expected to be permanent.

Even if you need to keep your arm in a brace for months while it heals, it doesn't technically change your life, as long as it finally heals properly. Broken bones could be considered catastrophic injuries if the fracture is severe and there are long-term or permanent effects. While most broken bones heal without problems, some can lead to life-threatening complications. Other fractures cause some kind of impediment or even require care in a nursing facility.

If the broken arm can heal and the victim can return to gainful employment, it will not legally be considered a catastrophic injury. However, if the damage is so severe that the victim cannot return to their normal quality of life and ability to work, then that can be considered a catastrophic injury that entitles the victim to additional consideration. Although any injury sustained in an accident could result in compensation, catastrophic injuries can lead to greater compensation due to the magnitude of the financial, physical, and even psychological damages. If you want to get the compensation you need to live comfortably, heal, and regain the trust and happiness you had before the accident, hire a catastrophic injury lawyer who knows what it takes to build a winning case.

If you are only temporarily weakened by a bone fracture, the total value will be predictably lower than if the injury were permanently disabling or life-changing. If you suffer a bone fracture that is severe enough to cause lifelong consequences, it can be considered catastrophic. A non-catastrophic injury is one that has no lasting or long-term impact on your earning capacity, mobility, or other permanent aspects of your life. Catastrophic injury to neurovascular structures around the shoulder, although rare, is more common during fracture shoulder arthroplasty than during shoulder arthroplasty for non-fracture indications.

Spinal, spinal cord, or brain injuries are some of the most devastating types of catastrophic injuries. For an injury to be catastrophic, most medical texts and insurance policies require that it change life or endanger it. The most common catastrophic injury in football, and the second leading cause of death from injury, is a fracture of the cervical spine or dislocation of the cervical spine, which is usually suffered during a tackle (Cantu and Mueller, 2003a). By partnering with a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, you can gain a full understanding of whether your condition constitutes a catastrophic injury in Washington and how that affects your damages.

If you have suffered a permanent disability, your situation may be considered a catastrophic injury and will entitle you to receive damages specific to this legal designation of an injury type. Because catastrophic injuries can be life-altering, it's essential that you have the right personal injury lawyer on your team. They can happen in normal car or truck accidents; or a ski accident can leave a person with catastrophic injuries. .


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