What does it mean when a hearing is withdrawn?

In some cases, a judge may determine that there is not enough evidence to continue the case. If this occurs, criminal charges can be dismissed or dropped. Before a trial can proceed, the defendant must have a preliminary hearing. These hearings allow the judge to review the evidence in the case.

A recall is an agreement made by a claimant or authorized representative to withdraw one or more issues raised in a request for a hearing. A withdrawal can be conditional or unconditional. Conditional withdrawal is made on the condition that an agency carries out the specified actions. In some cases, a conditional withdrawal may require the claimant to provide a specific document before the county must take a specific action, such as reevaluating eligibility.

In an unconditional retreat, there are no such conditions. Usually, a defendant can withdraw a guilty plea that a judge has not yet accepted. In addition, defendants who have pleaded guilty but have not yet been sentenced may sometimes get out of their dealings, particularly when the judge rejects the negotiated agreement under which the defendant pleaded. The prosecution can also sometimes reverse a deal.

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